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Question about Custom Fonts and Overhead

A topic by mp_indiedev created Mar 09, 2018 Views: 134 Replies: 2
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I was wondering if using a custom font (a sprite with dozens of sub-images) counts against the sprite limit if it's only used to display text; I'm not looking to sneak in extra sprites that represent objects or are part of the background or anything like that.

I was also wondering if it's okay to set up the screen resolution/views  in code without it being counted against the allotted 100 lines since it can be done in the room editor (for free, I assume) but might not look right on all screens.  Similarly, if it's okay to instance objects in a room's creation code as opposed to placing them with the mouse (or if placing objects in the room editor counts for a line of code).



Sorry but your fonts are made of of sprites then that counts against the limit and defining things as code counts as lines of code. With that being said this is an exercise to challenge yourself so challenge yourself how you see fit. There is no prize for winning; but for the purpose of our judging, they do count.

Sounds good. I'm probably better off just finding a font that I like rather than fussing with something custom now that I think about it.