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You can download the WoA Teaser Pack from this page, AND we will be releasing a backer only digital pack soon.

I have been making a 2 player game up until this point and am not sure if I'm going to have time to impliment an AI for the second player, are the judges willing to have two people play at the same time?

Send me a link to the game you actually want submitted and a link to the game you didn't mean to post. I can give you a late submission link for your specific game and remove the one you didn't mean to put

Thanks! We do have a tool for counting code but this looks very cool! We'll check it out!

Use this link to submit the specific game you want

Yes I can remove the game you submitted and put the one you intended to put in instead. Which game is the wrong one?

We'd convert it to gml and see if it meets the 100 Line restriction

yes they do


This is my high score. My hand hurts haha

yes #100LinesJam thank you Panda!

No you must have brackets





That is 4 lines

if (something) 


*something happens






You must make a line break for the brackets for the else

Nope, no limit on room count!

Physics are allowed, yes. Sorry for not responding sooner!

Sorry but your fonts are made of of sprites then that counts against the limit and defining things as code counts as lines of code. With that being said this is an exercise to challenge yourself so challenge yourself how you see fit. There is no prize for winning; but for the purpose of our judging, they do count.

if ( variable = true )


sprite_index = spr_sprite;

image_index = 1;


This is the correct way and would count as 5 lines of code

No regions do not count

Ya that's definitely 1 line. It's just an if statement however, when you make a scope to go with your if statement you have to create new lines as stated on the game jam page.

Well this is a cool idea! Ya if people want a theme this is great! You don't necessarily have to follow it but we'll put the suggested theme on the page once the jam starts!

There is no restriction on the number of tiles.

Commenting doesn't count as a line. Empty lines don't count. Thanks for your questions.

Yes! That's totally fine

Declaring variables in one line is fine. Whenever you have to put a semicolon you have to make a new line. In Gamemaker you don't need to put semicolons but you SHOULD! Separate statements need to be on different lines. Comments also don't count as lines of code because the game isn't executing anything. Thanks for the question and sorry we were not clear on that earlier.

If you write a script that has 5 lines of code and use that script 2 times, that will be a total of 7 lines of code.

When the game jam starts! Thanks for asking!

You may use drag and drop, but we will convert it back to gml and format it properly to check if it is less than 100 lines of code.

If you do decide to use drag and drop, we will convert it to gml to check and see if it's still less than 100 lines with the proper format. I don't recommend using drag and drop for this jam.

Yes you have to follow the code format. We have that limitation because we want to challenge people and because if we didn't have format guidlines, you could technically write your entire game on one line using GML. Thanks for asking! 

Nope, no limit on objects so long as your project has no more than 100 lines of  code total it's fine. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the question! For this game jam we're asking that everyone create all their own assets, including audio (although we're not planning to rate audio). We'll update the jam page today, so that everyone understands the criteria. Thanks again for checking with us.

So long as you're within the 6 sprites (including backgrounds) with a maximum of 3 subimages each, it's fine. 

Love the art! The concept is really cool too. I would love to see the game expanded upon in the future!