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Very cool concept and well done.  Nice job!

Nice! The chunkier graphics mode is a cool way of making the prince bigger.

Nice! Love the evolving visuals.  I almost won but I lost the cursor :\

Nice! Great concept, really well done visuals.

Nice! Good use of upping the difficulty with every successful scrump(?) The visuals are well done, too.

Nice! The blinking eyes are a great touch.

Nice! Interesting visuals.  

Nice! A very clever idea and well done. The fire effects are cool and oddly unsettling.

Nice! It gets pretty tough rather quickly but still fun.

Nice! The jumping/juggling feels good and the challenge seems well paced.

Nice! Very cool visuals and the controls feel spot-on.  Well done.

Nice! The houses turning into hearts is a pretty great touch.

Nice! the aesthetic is very cool.

Nice! cool to see the use of sound in a tweet cart.

Nice! The visuals and goal are pretty cool.  Can't quite get used to the controls being reversed though.


Nice! The physics feels right and the challenge feels much more fair than a lot of FB inspired games.  It's tough as heck but not frustratingly so.

Nice.  The movement speed feels perfect I just wish I could shoot more than one shot at a time.

Nice! Would play more but must GO TO RO

Nice! I'm not sure how much more can be done in a tweet-cart but I suspect the pico-8 is eventually going to have brilliant rhythm-games--probably ones with really cool procgen elements.

Nice! The visual design is very charming and I like the self-balancing difficulty.

Nice! Being able to jump up through platforms is always appreciated.  Collision on the coins feels good--maybe use a symbol or a circ() function to represent them (it took 1/2 minute to realize there was a coin already on screen).

Nice!  The truck being coded in is a cool touch (especially for tweet carts).  Good use on escalating difficulty, too.

Nice! Good use of symbols to make sprites.  Some of the trucks move a bit too quickly to react to (which is pretty funny, but maybe not to everyone :D).

Nice! It's a bit harsh to look at but a cool, intense effect.

Nice. Clever use of print and draw functions to make the logo!


Thanks for playing! The circular orbit indicator thing is terrible and will be replaced in the post-jam version.  Post-jam version will also fix the controls to be more intuitive linear thrusting as opposed to doing (char saving) vector multiplication.

Thanks for playing!

You played Scorched Earth with the air viscosity set above zero? A man of taste, I see.

I got "Squirrel Squadron", "Thunder Zone", and "Submarine Call" the other day so that's what's been on my mind. I also rolled "Inappropriate Spire" which I'm also semi-seriously considering.

The 'particle cannon' card has been causing a few issues.  I can soft-lock the game where the enemy has -HP but doesn't take a turn but isn't destroyed.  The card doesn't seem deal damage when it's played but rather after another card is played, it also doesn't immediately get discarded and I can use it more than once--I think this has an energy cost but the indicator lamps stay lit.  I can't target the ship if it has -HP but it can be destroyed if I play an area effect weapon like Napalm, provided I can target another ship.

Kind of a minor quibble but there's now a slight delay between when my cursor is over a card and when it will respond to being clicked on.

Sounds good. I'm probably better off just finding a font that I like rather than fussing with something custom now that I think about it.

I was wondering if using a custom font (a sprite with dozens of sub-images) counts against the sprite limit if it's only used to display text; I'm not looking to sneak in extra sprites that represent objects or are part of the background or anything like that.

I was also wondering if it's okay to set up the screen resolution/views  in code without it being counted against the allotted 100 lines since it can be done in the room editor (for free, I assume) but might not look right on all screens.  Similarly, if it's okay to instance objects in a room's creation code as opposed to placing them with the mouse (or if placing objects in the room editor counts for a line of code).