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Top selling paidthat last a few hours tagged Dark Fantasy (11 results)

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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world.
Role Playing
Fran Bow
A young girl struggles with mental disorder and an unfair destiny.
Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices.
Visual Novel
Explore the House, a parasite dimension that steals from other worlds, in a train that scuttles on mechanical legs.
Role Playing
Herogues is a 3D graphical roguelike that has old-school and modern elements.
Role Playing
Today marks the day fate is changed, your actions shape the world.
Arcane Raise is a role-playing video game, wherein a group of hunters known as Shades, fight against monsters.
Role Playing
Circle enemies to destroy them before they destroy you.
Beware adventurer! The danger here is far beyond your skills, do not risk your miserable life...
Role Playing
The chaos has been awoken.
Role Playing
Inspired by Xenogears, comes a saga of galactic warfare, political intrigue, and reality shattering secrets!
Role Playing