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autobiographical vignette reflecting on social anxiety
Un jeu pour 2 à 4 joueurs dans l'univers délirant du cosplay et des conventions japonaises !
Toyish surprise-o-rama
In Which a Work Is Known by Its Reading
text-based cyberpunk brainventure
first-person poetry visualizer
Don't let them know you're a coat of rats!
A nerdy narrative trivia.
A pack of experimental games.
A pancake diner with strange ingredients...
Pet ALL the Puppies!
A pack of experimental games.
this is a calming sphere. it is full of colour.
Party Saboteurs is a local multiplayer espionage party game for up to four players.
The world's most unfair game of Pong
A book of playable poems by Todd Anderson
Der Fanradio-Flipper für OFC-Fans
Virtual Contemporary Art Installation
Fourtex Zen is a match-4 game with unique game mechanics. Play tactically or look ahead and play strategically.
A story driven voxel game of audio-visual exploration
A party game where your cellphone is the controller!
Minimalism, Terrorism and Pretty Flowers
Keyboard vs. mouse game for two players
A one button, pixel-art, endless runner with online leaderboards.
A speed reading game: quickly read through a recipe to find out which ingredients to throw into a huge cauldron.
A fun little side scrolling game.
Volvum is horror and escape game made for PC by VortexGames
Stealth robot racing for 1-4 players
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