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What memories escape the chains of time?
A Glitchy Buggy Metagame
Greed Mania is an Arcade game inspired by ATARI 2600 games
Help the King of the Cosmos build a Snowman!
Fun little one button game about anarchy and juice
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You're all turned around.
A 'oregon trail like' game about trick or treating!
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An open-source party game
A randomly generated FNAF fan game
ldjam41 entry - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres
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Relaxing fishing as a mouse
bear mcbear
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Peace and Tranquilty
Multiplayer sandbox building game in the sky
Stay awake. Don't close your eyes. Not even for a second.
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A one button, pixel-art, endless runner with online leaderboards.
In Gobbler’s kitchen, no human is safe, especially those eating meat.
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The goal of the game is to find artifacts for you and your mermaid friends!
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Free game for kids and adults who loves casual gameplay. Become a potion master and make your Magic Shop is the best!
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Help Ricardo Mil- I mean, Irineu, to win his bicycle by spinning the wheel!
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Play as the Princess-King in this Chess-Roguelike.
A turn-based fighting game made for LD41.
Fight the Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel!
A unique and challenging abstract arcade game with an interesting AI.
For this LD we took a 100% strategy game (chess), and shoved a bunch of randomness into it.
Breakout inspired game in 3D
Jetpack for your life while you try to steal the Orb of Knowledge from the Lord of the Abyss!
Thermostat warfare
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