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Bosca Ceoil

Bosca Ceoil is a free, easy to use tool for creating music!

  • Bosca is designed for beginners! It takes less than five minutes to learn, and comes with a quick built in tutorial to walk you through everything, step by step.
  • Bosca supports lots of different scales and chords, so even if you've never composed music before, it's really easy to get something that sounds good straight away.
  • No messing around getting instruments to work! Bosca comes with over a hundred presets, including MIDI and Chiptune instuments.
  • Bosca Ceoil is completely free, and open source!

Topwith an interactive tutorial made with Bosca Ceoil (7 results)

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A nightclub builder game made in 72 hours for the ludum dare 42
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A turn based strategy game
Cute-war Game
Who doesn't love slimes?! A very small puzzle platformer built for the GDL Quantum Game Jam in ~14 hours.
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Inherit as many planets as possible before getting sucked into a black hole!
A darkness is ever creeping forward. It's one goal, to take the light.
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Create a city on a island. But watch out for the meteors destroying your land!
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