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Top$5 or less for Linux tagged Text based (20 results)

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A novel-length "bat-romance" Twine.
Paradise is an interactive fiction playground.
Interactive Fiction
beautiful twine compilation
Convince your future self of the wrongness of their actions.
Explore a miniature world as an emotionally driven robot and discover unique experiences with each new emotion.
Interactive Fiction
Your boss has called to ask if you can come into work on your day off - and you don't have much choice but to go.
Interactive Fiction
Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.
Four terrors for the Halloween season!
Text version of hit puzzle game Quarries of Scred
Escape your fairy tale nightmare in this short text game.
Interactive Fiction
A nonfiction essay etched into the architecture of a virtual space.
Your own adventure in a steampunk world! Find mysterious Alexander Cooper and unravel secrets in city of Staighrem.
text-based rpg game
Role Playing
Today marks the day fate is changed, your actions shape the world.
A romance that ended yesterday, 150 years ago.
Interactive Fiction
A dark fantasy
Interactive Fiction
Interactive Fiction
A game about decluttering and fighting patriarchy
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Text Adventure Horror Game
Interactive Fiction
A short game about the mind....