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Top Other$5 or less that last about a half-hour (31 results)

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Outwit gravity, explore new worlds.
FACES exhibition is a virtual art space created by game artist Carlos Monteiro to show his own paintings and drawings.
an interactive vignette about suicide
A surreal third-person horror experience.
An ambient musical toy
A first person exploratory adventure EP
A place between life and dream.
A slice of a world to sit and relax in.
A fast-paced arcade game about Hamburgers and Vaporwave
Escape into a vibrant world of whimsy, wonder, and new friends.
Busloop is a short game with soft horror elements.
An FMV game about opening doors.
Paint in VR easily
Collect ducklings and explore a duck's world
Poly Towns is a small town builder. Manage your resources and keep your people happy.
Life - use it or lose it
Casual Space Trader
Send Randomized SMS messages of love!
Survive in a beautiful low-poly world, but with a catch!
Dan in Dark 2 is a 3D First Person Survival Horror game and it is the sequel of original Dan in Dark game.
Dies ist ein interaktives Kinderbuch und richtet sich an Kinder in der Vorschule und der ersten Grundschulklasse.
Play as a hungry Chameleon and catch flies by extending your tongue.
Action and adventure game with strategy elements.
A simple question game from which you learn new things
A small batch based game, you need a windows computer to run.
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