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Games like Monster Girl Island (old)

F.L.S.M. - Lewd cyberpunk sci-fi sex game. Plus, space monsters, robots, cat girls, lgbt!
One unfortunate adventurer against many... 'playful' monster girls!
Visual Novel
3D adventure game with monster girls and lewd.
Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game
An Oceanic Survival Game
18+ fully voiced (in English), fully nude, stripping game (with storyline!)
Interactive Fiction
Enter the Kingdom. Save Princesses.
Spirally lewd fun for all!
Visual Novel
Grab girls and pull them in to a locker filled with tentacles! Fun!
In a world of monsters, maidens and magic, you are the faulty apprentice!
Visual Novel
A cyberpunk porn game
Visual Novel
Make weapons for your customers
An adult RPG where you tame, train, and seduce a party of monstergirls!
Role Playing
Raise, battle, and breed monster girls in this lewd erotic adult hentai game! Action adventure & sexy scenes!