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500 FREE FL Studio VST Presets
Audio WAV SoundFX ideal for creating atmosphere in a scary game
500+ Sound FX from many of my previous games
119 background ambience loops for games.
120 unique sound effects of "RETRO COLLISIONS"
Epic Stock Media’s hair raising sound library of hollywood film scare tactics.
AAA game music is the perfect compliment to your favorite sound effects libraries.
Create awesome in-game experiences with rich undead dialogue audio voice files.
Summon a legendary High Elf character in your next game!
Enlist a barbaric orc warrior onto the battlefield in your next game!
An Epic Futuristic Movie and Game Trailer Sound Effects Library!
A large collection of vehicle sounds and loops
Legends and war, cinematic adventures, epic quests now theres a sound effects library to fulfill your destiny!
A cinematic sonic selection of career defining audio elements that set your production apart!
Explore the depths of deep cinematic synth bass impacts, stingers and droning hits.
Over 500+ movie trailer sound effects that reek havoc, incite cataclysmic sound events.
Enjoy warm, bubbly fantasy sound and a world class selection of soft and dynamic card gaming sound effects.
Join forces with the likes of the Allies or Axis and inspire an authentic MLG audio production experience.
Jump sounds