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Showcase of shader code for Godot game engine
250+ detailed 48x48 pixel art planets and other celestial objects
Detailed 48x48px spinning pixel art planets, ~2k frames!
Layered and animated space backgrounds, animated planet and asteroid. - Works well with all the Void assets!
A HUGE collection of animated pixel art stars, galaxies, planets, FX and pixelart space backgrounds.
FREE 2D Planets! 303 Planets, 17 Types!
FREE 795 2D Planet Sprites!
70 pixel art planets and celestial bodies 16x16px
This FREE Space Asset Pack includes several planets, UI elements and a SpaceX Starship.
A set of 20 public domain licensed planet sprites to use in various games.
Pixel Planet Generator with Unity Shader
Randomly generated 2D 512x512 planets
A pixel shader planet generator, originally made by Deep-Fold, ported to Defold
Three shaders to generate 3D animated planets and stars in Godot 4.
A very small asset pack
simple space background for your games
Basic Sci-fi Gui Asset for Renpy
FREE 150 Planet Surface Textures!
You can find here some pretty cool looking items in your game!
Ultimate 3d models pack
A package of VTT Friendly Planet Tokens. Previously part of the Starforged kickstarter exclusives.
Pixel space background for shmup games
8x8 and 16x16 planets for your game!
Set of 37 hand draw planets and one sun, plus 2D parallax background with infinite (4-side tiled) backgrounds.
64 beautiful, hard-crafted and unique planets. Perfect for any space game.
Parallax alien moon planet background with stars and gems for your space game.
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