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1.3K ++ icon for your game
Simple Nine-slice scripts for GameMaker Studio 1 & 2
UI game asseets for games with icons: heart, gold coin, star, Set of buttons of main menu, progress bar and arrows.
Free TDS Game UI Pixel Art for 2D video game
A set of game buttons for your games, two colors in one pack
A very versatile GUI elements that you use and arrange for your videogames and app's.
Free Game User Interface for 2D video games
Buttons, windows, item slots - fully generic and extensible!
GUI and easing extension for GameMaker!
Kids GUI - a set of graphics for 2D game interface creation
Just a few UI things I've done that might be helpful to others
I created for YOU this HUD. Download it for use in your prototypes or small projects (when laziness draw from scratch).
A simple modified GUI for Ren'Py Games
Complete GUI pack vectorial with buttons and windows
Ultimate Kit for Creating Gritty User Interfaces
A small package of 3 menus GUIs
A complete set of graphical user interface (GUI) to build 2D mobile games.
Project template for Pyro 2
Common ui icons
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