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Fanbook for Seiyuu Danshi, 18+ BL/Yaoi/Gay game (
game spaces + architecture
An illustrated light novel about squids, maids, squid maids, and gender feels
A Gold and AU themed project from members of the Victuuri Writing Chat
The indie revolution, the rise of zero and the indiepocalypse.
A collection of essays written for various magazines and blogs about bodies and creativity in games and other new media
Securing Our Future Through Exploration and Education
Learn how to make your own videogames using an easy-to-learn software
An obscure Sanrio mascot fanzine
A short story about gender that uses an unsubtle metaphor :P
I Took An Arrow For That Nice Druid Girl And... Wow, I Didn't Know This Could Happen If You Got Reincarnated?
Lifelong friends work together on a shot at history, and uncover their true selves. [CW: Dysphoria]
(But Instead I Moved In with Her and Joined a Punk Band)
A novel about gay kids with psychic powers.
Sometimes a costume project can have a mind of its own...
A WIP story about robots, humans, and robot humans.
The story of a simple Muslim girl and the destruction of her world
A lovesick witch brings her boyfriend back from the dead, only for both to discover her "boyfriend" isn't exactly a boy
Eric and Karen go out on their first date, but Amy's enchantment ensures Karen is going out with another girl!
Get access to a university database, read school mails, class descriptions, snoop your heart out!
Burn, burn every time...
A episodic story about a woman and a genie...
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