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Get your visual novel on with this week’s recommendations. The wordiest genre is back with two cutting edge entries. One is heavily polished jam game and the other is a demo for what could end up being one of the great entries in the genre. Read on for the full recommendations.

Vengeful Heart

The 90s anime aesthetic is alive and well in the demo for Vengeful Heart. In a tale of revenge and corporate control, Vengeful Heart is setting up an interesting universe that looks to address identity and capitalism all while being gorgeous to look at. There’s a level of polish in the game’s visual design that wouldn’t feel out of place on an alternate universe PC-98.

Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to Vengeful Heart’s demo: Mainly the fact that it’s a demo. While I’m very excited for the full release, Vengeful Heart’s demo runs a bit short and doesn’t have an arc that stands on its own. This should probably be expected in a demo, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

Vengeful Heart feels a bit like a well-kept secret that deserves to get out.


When it comes to crafting a distinct visual style the team at Mojiken Studio are experts. Each of their games are absolutely gorgeous and Divination is a great continuation of this trend. Taking place in one room, Divination is game about helping (or hurting) people through your pair of fortune telling-enabled robot arms.

What makes this game even more impressive is the fact that it was developed for an internal game jam. Yes the game is shorter than you’d expect in a commercial release, but the game absolutely deserves its pricetag. I hope we see more Divination in the future.

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