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[MULTIPLE ROLES]Looking to make a story based mafia game in RPG Maker

A topic by MegaSkuci created Oct 03, 2020 Views: 162 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone!

I used to make games in RPG maker years ago, since then I have matured a bit and improved in english as it's not my primary language. Looking back at the games I made I'm not happy with them at all. They are bad, lack quality and effort.

I want to make a Mafia style game in RPG maker. I'm looking for anyone with a bit of skill or experience any of the following: Art, RPG maker, music, writing, voice-over, or anything you would consider useful for the project.

I take this as a hobby, not work. I'm looking for cool people that I can bond with, are tolerant towards others and will just have good time doing their part with the project. I'm really passionate about this, and I can see it becoming good if I get the right people to help me with it.

I don't really plan on making any revenue from it right now. If any opportunity would come up, I would obviously share it with everyone that took part in the project.

Contact me on Discord if you are interested: MegaSkuci#8624 Don't be scared to share some information about you!

I hope I get some people on board! Have a nice day! Thanks for reading! Love you all and stay safe!

hey I sent you a solicitude

Sent you a request~

Hey, HMU if you're thinking about script translation: triumphhforks#0227

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