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my dream story/[welcome to DreamSearch]

A topic by arkicade created Oct 03, 2020 Views: 54
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Hi everyone!

For this game jam I decided to use this game cartridge below...

I originally was going to use a different case but the idea grew too large in scope so I wanted to make a game that was short and simple! I figured that I could make a quick game that was based on a singular dream, thus, I thought this case was appropriate.

The game engine I decided to use was PICO-8 which I had never used before and I am very glad that I picked it up! Unbeknownst to me, I purchased it from the bundle for racial justice and equality (so if you bought that bundle you also have PICO-8). It seems like an amazing engine to use for game jams or to develop prototypes for larger games.

I renamed the game [welcome to DreamSearch] because in the description of the game (which was in Japanese) the only English words in it were "DreamSearch" . Putting the premise through google translate gave me a direction to take the game and a lot of inspiration for the story :)

I have 2 videos documenting my work on the game that's available to watch on Youtube.

The first is more a general explanation of the game jam + a speedpaint. The second one is just a speedpaint (but also interpreting a specific scene from the game). Both of these can be found here!

Thank you very much for reading!