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NEON STRUCT: Carrion Carrier

Cyberpunk first-person speedrunning platformer. Made for the A Game By Its Cover 2020 game jam. · By David Lindsey Pittman

Feedback thread Sticky

A topic by David Lindsey Pittman created 59 days ago Views: 65 Replies: 1
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Known issues:

  • Tuning hasn't happened at all yet, everything is first pass gut instinct numbers.
  • I'm expecting performance to be a problem, the number of shadow casting lights is pretty outrageous.
  • No tutorialization, esp. for climbing, sliding, and other non-standard moves.
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Ran smooth, didn't hit any hitches at all.

Feels lovely to play, the movement and sense of momentum is a lot of fun to play around with.

Re: Tutorialization, probably worth having a base simple rundown of those? That said, at this point those movements seem pretty standard so it was second nature to just futz around and try them / figure them out.

Great work! Especially on level design / guiding the player between the spaces.

Edit: And as usual, the music slaps.