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FOUNDRY: First Person Factory Building in a Voxel World

A topic by MEDER Dynamics created Sep 24, 2020 Views: 224
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Hello community!

After two years we have finally done it and joined the ranks of the publishers with our first game: FOUNDRY. We'll show you the trailer first and then provide some more details.

Quick summary: Your task is to build a thriving space factory by clever logistical management of a variety of machinery, conveyor belts, pipes and many other things. At first you mine ores by hand, but very soon you'll have mining drones doing the job for you. You will build more machines to process the ores into more advanced goods, which you'll ultimately need to fuel your research labs to unlock more technology to build even more machinery - you get the repeating cycle. 

In the meantime you need to manage your power grid and make sure that those batteries stay up and charged. You'll later start your drill operation to extract liquid resources and further process them in your chemical refinery.

All that is set within a procedurally generated and endless voxel world with different biomes like jungle, desert, mountains or forests. The world can be shaped as you like, every block can be mined.

And the best? Everything can be done cooperatively in multiplayer! It's often quite a bit of work to oversee your logistics empire, get yourself a helping hand.

State of the game: Depending on experience and pacing, the game offers about 20 hours of content. It is in Early Access and will stay there for quite a while, we have lot's of ideas to add to the game.

Technical: The game is made with Unity, but the heavy lifting below is done by a custom native library (C++). The mixture was a bit tricky but it really pays off performance wise. 

About us: We're a small indie studio of two main developers/designers. The art - from 3D models to animations - is outsourced.

We're happy to answer all of your questions :)

See you in-game,

the FOUNDRY-devTeam

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