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Finish with ugly transitions at scene changes... The Transitionchooser :)

A topic by ChristianundCo created Sep 18, 2020 Views: 3,341 Replies: 21
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I'd like to introduce you the transitionchooser 3.5 :

It's a tool for users that want to interpolate (2x ; 3x ; 4x and 8x) long movies with Dain.  Dain is cool but on scene changes it produces ugly interpolated frames
that disturb while watching the video.  My tool lists all that transtions in a list and now you can choose which pic should be at a transition (scene change)
- Do you wanna have a blend frame (fading frame(s)   for smooth transition)?!
- Do you want a double frame (the start frame of the next scene will be repeated = doubled) ?!
- Or do  you like the morphed dainpic at this point you can leave it there and no exchange will be done?!
In the preview you can watch each transition (scene change) previous frame, transition frame and nextframe will be shown
with "space"-key you can change each frame to another sort

The workflow will be:" go with cursor down through the list and look at the two frames
"previous" and "next" if there is a ugly frame between change it and go further, so you can
edit quickly a entire movie

When you push the output-button the transitionchooser will put all new frames in a folder
this frames you can copy to the Dain interpolate folder and replace the ugly old frames
But the transition chooser needs a scene list to know where the scene changes are
this scenecutlist.txt you can create with the tool "Euer_Szenenerkenner"

It detects transitions and you can preview them in a list.
If the result list is too sensitive that means that to many scenes were false detected, than you can increase
dfact and minim values. (to 4.0 or higher)
If the result misses out to many scenes you can decrease the values of "minim" (to 1.5 and lower).
Try to get more sensitive results, If there is a false recognized scene change you can leave the dain frame there in the transitionchooser

 both  tools need to  install avisynth+   !!!!


or come to
and ping me "@ChristianundCo"

There mustn't be any inaccurate dublicate frames or missing frames after rendering
If you have a 100 frame sourcevideo so "interpolated_frames"-  folder must contain 199 png-frames (2x) or 397 (4x) png-frames
else it's worthless.


(edit) use now the better fork  "Transitionchooser FF Edition"

Version 2.2 of Transitionchooser is released

Transitionchooser 3.0 is released

 Now it can handle with 4x and 2x "interpolated frames"

Version    3.5

- now the tool can handle 2x , 3x , 4x and 8x interpolated frames

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version 3.6 is there

I added a slider to PNG_Player so you can slide through pngs ;)

Awesome. Thank you!

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If someone needs a manual I'll write one. Plz let me know...

thank you for your work! Maybe we need a page or wiki to help amateurs use it.

version 3.7 is there!

I added bmp support for RIFE and the flowframes gui

Updates Euer_Szenenerkenner:

- Tool wasn't closing the right way, now videofile access is solved after closeing

Version 3.9 of Transitionchooser is there. Now you can add own transitions if any scene changes weren't recognized

Version 4.0 -  with a bugfix if a edited list was loaded

Version 4.2

- if you are going through the scene list you can enable/disable "frame between" with pushing key "Q", so you don't need the mouse

Version 4.3 

- the tool is optimized for 1920*1080 but if you use a windows resolution-scale-factor or lower res. it will scale better than before

Version  4.4

- the tool surface now scales itself automatically, (4k, FullHD, 16:9, 4:3, 21:9 and all windows scalefactors)

Ver 4.5

- fixed a bug, that let the tool crash if the user was to fast with editing the list

Version  4.6 

- tool interface is now manually resizable

Version 4.7

- fix of a minor bug and some internal improvements

Transitionchooser version 4.9

- doubleframe changed, now the last frame of the previous scene will be taken not the first frame of next scene

- characters "&" and "$" are now possbible in filepath

- now marked items are all lightblue, so the user can see exactly what he has selected
- now the buttons below the list only change seleceted items, if you want to change them all at once you must push CTRL+A before
- simple undo button added, now you can undo your last step you made with the "all to"- buttons

ver 5.0

- bug in PicsPlayer fixed, ff- and rwd-button (<< >>) didn't stop the pics run in some cases
- a little bit improvement of scaling
- change the behavior of "<<" and ">>" buttons
- colored frame in picsplayer, so user can better detect missed transitions
- some internal improves for error detection (if png files are missed and so on...)

Meantime  I created a fork Transitionchooser "FlowFrames Edition" but it also works with other AI interpolators. All you must do, is to create  a frames.ini with the Tool in menu bar. There are some more features.

New link to the tools: