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Idle Tower Builder

Build the tower to the sky and beyond! · By Airapport

Update 1.0.6

A topic by Airapport created Sep 16, 2020 Views: 354 Replies: 10
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New graphics for the lumberjacks

Detailed data about spend/gain of water and wood

Spanish and German translations, thanks to our players!

What are the system requirements for this game on PC?


It runs effectively on anything: I tried to launch it even on a 12-years old PC, it worked well, too :)

OK but I can't run it somehow let me try again do...


What is your PC setup?

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I have 3GB ram and 250Gb storage

And a Genuine dual intel Core. Do I need to have a graphics card?


I don't think so... Could you, please, also show me the screenshot of what appears on the screen when you try to run the game?

ok i will sir

But do I need to run it as admin?

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It just shows a white screen and nothing else also how can I get rid of the full screen?


Thank you very much for the information! I also tried it on another old computer and I've got the white screen... I'll investigate further and will update the game to let you play it