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The King in Yellow Borders

A ZZT adaptation of "The King in Yellow". · By WiL


A topic by MaximeWoon created Sep 10, 2020 Views: 273 Replies: 2
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I'm stuck at the part where you have to make a suit of armor. Where's the location of all the parts? I swear I've inspected every object in the game several times...

Developer (1 edit)

Armor Guide:
Junkyard: (1)Brown pants (||) on the west side, (2)Brown Shoes (") on the east side, (3)Gray shirt (0, at the very topmost square of junkyard) and two shoulders, one(4) gray in the top left and one(5) brown in the bottom right.

5th street alley: (6)Cent sign on the left side after your encounter with the Deformed Man.

8th street alley: Alice and Joey appear when you enter their 'flop' along the top center of the alley.  Complete their questline by following the directions at Whysots and come back to them after doing so for the (7)Gauntlets.

(What is this?  A walkthrough for ants?)

Lemme know if that helps.  

Thank you! I didn't find Alice and Joey, which is where I was stuck.