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Discover the true meaning of apples in this charming adventure-platformer. · By Act-Novel

10/10 would play again

A topic by Piellow created Sep 06, 2020 Views: 119 Replies: 1
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Damm, this thing is extremelly underrated, i got it some months ago when it was paid (but i just claimed it when you put it in 100% discount so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) but only decided to download it this week.

I just finished the main story, and not gonna lie, i didn't had high expectatives for it when i dowloaded and on the first hour of gameplay, so it totally surprised me with that many level of high-qualitiness the later sections had. And i also didn't expect an actual good lore/story, and then it surprised me again! 

The game itself is very easy, and thats okay since you said you tried to make it the most approachable for everyone, but the last few bosses were very challenging tho, and they were also just straight up EPIC!

I wish i could spread the word about this game, you really deserves it, but i'll do my best to try to give you some "Free Advertisement" :)

Now that i finished it, i'll just wander around the game searching for secrets like an idiot, because i noticed i left some things behind (like an oddly suspicious locked door).

 Anyway, for me, that was unexpectedly a great game! :D


Hey, thanks! Glad to hear you liked it. Good luck with finding secrets.