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A topic by Phill created Jun 19, 2017 Views: 115 Replies: 1
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This is a game idea that originated from my game design thesis written for my bachelor course, which is now being realized into a game.

The game is pretty bare bones, but the general mechanics are here and working. The goal of the game is to finish all the levels, in a timely manner. Right now the game only contains a lobby level for players to d*** around in, and a dummy level 1. Not a lot of obstacles have been implemented, other than a speed gate and void walls, though in the future there will definitely be a lot more variety. If you think about it, its a bit like portal, except you only use the gels, and the paints have different materials and effects on them, allowing you to wall jump, bounce off and have greater speed than normal.

I plan to make the game singleplayer only for browser version, and multiplayer enabled for standalone builds. Hope you enjoy and sorry if the game is too short, I will try to make a level editor if possible.

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Recently I spent 3 whole days working on a world map system, and polishing up the editing tools for the game so that its easier to create new levels. And i think this deserves a bump. I also spent an entire day on an ingame gizmo system, that lets you visualize some of the entities, mainly for debugging purposes which can be toggled with the ~ key.

If you guys have any suggestions, or feedbacks from playtesting, id appreciate if you share it.

NOTE: Theres a bug in the world map, where if you clear a level, you arent able to move your character and the old one would still be there.