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Development Status

A topic by Zion created Aug 28, 2020 Views: 200 Replies: 2
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Hi 0x72, I really enjoyed this game. Is it still in development? I was wondering if you were planning to sell the game and/or share the source code. Again, great work!


Thanks for the kind words!

I'm  sorry to disappoint you but it was really just a weekend (or 2?) project more then 2 years ago. I have no plans to develop it further.

If you are after the source code - I have a bad and a good news:
  - bad - I've lost it, I'm an idiot (do backups kids!)
  - good - the code is not as messy as one would expect. Even with scrambled variables it's quite readable and with some work could be turn usable for some further development if one is interested (one need to know js) in an afternoon (it's around 650 lines of code).

Assuming you'd go this path:
  - I'm happy to answer your questions but no time handle that for you
  - You have my blessing to do whatever you want with it including releasing as a commercial thing.

Ah, no worries at all! I found the JS file for the game, and yes it is at 624 lines just like you mentioned. And looks clean too! I'll take a closer look when I have some time. Thank you again! :)