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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Nimble Kick does not work

A topic by Lexxychainz created 24 days ago Views: 20 Replies: 3
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with the update I can open nimble kick with logic again but it does not play the kick. the only thing I can do is drag and drop a file in it but then nothing. I have no idea how to fix it

Couple things that could be the problem here:

  1. Have you entered your license key in the dialog that comes up when you first start Nimble Kick? On MacOS the dialog might be a bit hidden behind other windows in some cases, this is an issue I'm aware of.
  2. Which notes are you playing? You'll have to look for the right octave, as notes outside of the pitch range won't play any sound.

I can't find a window :-( Even though I had already installed nimble kick and only downloaded the update. before I updated nimble kick I had the same problems like all the others, logic denied to open it. so now I can open nimble kick but there is no sound at all. although I tried samples as well as played stuff. if I press play, it does nothing

That's really weird. I just tried 1.0.4 on Logic myself and it seems to work just fine. Are you sure that Nimble Kick in Logic is routed correctly and all? Can you try it in an empty project?