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Which bricks are available in this pack? Sticky

A topic by Polyducks created Aug 23, 2020 Views: 346 Replies: 1
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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Glad you asked, me!

The following bricks are available in these colours: black, white, dark blue grey, light blue grey, blue, ice blue, dark green, green, nougat, brown, red, orange, yellow, pink and purple.

1x1 brick
1x2 brick
1x3 brick
1x4 brick
2x2 brick
2x3 brick
4x4 brick

1x1 plate
1x2 plate
1x3 plate
1x4 plate
2x2 plate
2x3 plate
2x4 plate
4x4 plate

1x2 slope
1x2 slope inverted
2x2 slope
2x2 slope inverted
2x2 corner slope

1x1 brick round
1x1 tile
1x2 tile
1x3 tile
1x4 tile
2x2 tile
2x2 brick with printed eye pattern (centered)
1x1 brick with hole
1x2 brick with hole
1x3 brick with arch

Developer (2 edits)

NEW in version 2:


1x6 brick
1x8 brick
2x2 corner brick
2x6 brick
2x8 brick


1x6 plate
2x6 plate
2x8 plate
4x4 plate
4x6 plate
6x6 plate
12x12 plate


2x3 slope
2x4 slope
2x2x2 pyramid
1x2x2 slope
2x2x2 slope


1x1 plate round
1x1 cone
1x6 tile
2x2 plate corner
2x3 plate
2x4 plate
1x1 brick with printed eye pattern
1x4 brick with arch
2x2 brick round