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[Unity] [Programmer] A Programmer Looking For Other Programmers ! - Must Read-

A topic by Alaa Nasro created Jun 11, 2017 Views: 153
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I'm Alaa, indie games developer, I'm kind of new to Unity. However, I have some experience to make games especially within C#, I'm "Amateur" or even less than that, I won't lie, I'm seeking a programmer's help,who can help me,and the team to finish our game, Its basically a horror game, I made some progress in coding side and I'm more like a Modeler ! (I can make lot of models to be honest), Ah, about the team, We're 7 people, different jobs, as I like to call it, Music Composers,Modelers, Programmers and lastly Writers. About payment, I CAN NOT pay, As this developing thingy is just a hobby to all of us, so If you're the one we need, please leave a comment below ! Or contact me :

- Discord : AlaaNasro#2442