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DybleParty just released!

A topic by Denkisekai created Jun 09, 2017 Views: 105 Replies: 1
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Hello! DybleParty is a bomberman-like game.

Your goal is to win 5 cups by hitting other players with your bombs in a maze with no exit.

Use your bombs to break walls too and you will find out some pick-ups, but watch yourself not to be blocked by other bombs!

DybleParty screenshot

Find the original pick-ups :

  • Upgrade your bomb range to surprise your opponents
  • Upgrade your ability to drop more than a bomb at a time.
  • Upgrade your speed to dodge more easily other's bombs.

Playable from 2 to 4 local players, on keyboard and/or gamepads.

Have fun!

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Hello there! I reply to this post to announce I've just released the 1.1 version! :

  • Added simultaneous bomb number, range and speed to UI for each player. So now you see what you have picked up.
  • BEWARE! Self killing with your bomb now cost you a cup!
  • Player UI is now flashing on getting or losing a cup.
  • Added configurable time limit, draw match is now possible!
  • Fixed some lights flickering.
  • Updated main menu layout.

The game is still there :