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Versus One

Single Button Racing Game with Multiplayer on a Single Screen · By Vinyl Pixels


A topic by tito76 created Jun 09, 2017 Views: 61 Replies: 2
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Hi, congrats for becoming a father! :)

The game is even more better and beautiful, yes!

Becouse I have Windows XP 32bit, I played it on a XP 64bit virtal machine and  there is a graphic issue that I already found in some other Unity games that works on XP despite are not compatible declared. Here the snapshot:

The problem happens for the "Track" view mode only, it exactly starts after the key control selection and the cam has ended to zoom out, showing the entire screen.

I think it depends by the new blur effect, can you add a option to disable it in the next version?

Also, can you make a 32bit build too, please?

Thanks for your job, love the game :)


Hi & thanks :)

0.1.1 now has a 32-bit windows version as well. Hope it works!

v0.1.1 tested and... success! For both 32 and 64bit. Only small glitches can happen during in/out zooming, but all it's ok in the game.

BTW I'd like an option to disable blurry gfx, it should also give a better frame rate.

A gameplay note: maybe you already know and trying to solve as better as possible, but sometimes is too convenient to keep bouncing on the walls instead of a clean drive. Make a slowdown to the car during bounces sounds to be a good solution?