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Infinite Stars - The Visual Novel

Inspired by stories like Dune, Star Trek and The Expanse. · By InfiniteStars

Version .0612 to .0814

A topic by InfiniteStars created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 295
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We have been posting our regular devlogs on our Patreon, but in the excitement for the public release we decided to post the older logs here also, in one large post.


Version 08.14
Polishing for Beta Test release
Changed intro font
Implemented Lahkhadia hologram sprites
Implemented main menu picture

Version 0.806
Added startup sound for computer in intro branch
Added additional content & polish to intro branch
Changed scrape sound to sound deeper and larger
Added additional content to bring routes together to final scene
Added content for final scene

Version 0.730
Implement partial rewrite of don't send route (flows much better now)
Second edit of don't send route
Implemented new Choice GUI & Colors
Implemented Hologram Veera visuals

Version 0.724
Modified spacing for mobile version
Additional editing on send-veera route (route 98% done)
Content added to don't-send route
First edit of don't-send route done

Version .0719
Changed narrator text color to offwhite
Implemented new textboxes and nameboxes
Changed Mayvheen color to be more complimentary with new UI
Changed Veera color
Changed Katya's color
Modified GUI elements
Found sizing that feels right for side portraits (finally)
Cleaned up sprite images to pop a bit more

Version .0630
Implemented DropDrone BG
Fixed up Mayvheen's transparent "floating" bar
Darkened UIC human uniforms
Hid textbox that briefly flashed at start of game
Implemented more dramatic pauses
Changed Narrator text to instant speed (and immediately changed it back)
Removed Narrator Namebox
Implemented CtC for Veera & Mayvheen
Added centered screen breaks
Clarified language differences between drop-drone and drop-pod. Oops.