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Aaaand I just realized I never uploaded the image to the post. Oops! It's there now.

Not only is it welcomed, it's encouraged! We love fanart, and there is a special sfw and nsfw fanart channel on our Discord. <3

It has been asked several times yes, but no need to apologise! If more people ask about it, it helps us know we are on the right track!

In short: Yes. You will be able romance the Cephilusk. <3

Not yet, but it will be in the continuation of Episode 4 along with some other twists and surprises!

Argh! Sorry. Fixed.

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Phew! It's fixed! Silly Steam and their silly file structure! (Also super thanks for letting me know!!)

(If it's still not working for you, just verify the integrity of your game files)

Thanks for the headsup, will look into it right away

The full game with the new content of Episode 4. :)

Hope that answers your question, but if I've somehow misunderstood the question, feel free to let me know! <3

It is still the latest (for now) <3
The next batch of the content has been in the oven for a while, and it's almost ready– You can almost smell it baking!

(Seriously, it should be ready in the next 2-3 weeks depending on beta tester feedback!)

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The ensign tier has access to the same NSFW content as the Commander+ tier, just not on android. That's all.

The link to the latest build is over here:

We have a new Khalil casual + intimate scene that's almost ready for release, but most of our attention has been prepping for the next public release in November.

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Hey, not sure about the gamepad support. 

As for putting it on Steam, I doubt it. There are some not insignificant costs involved in uploading a game to Steam. (unless if we do it as a DLC? mmm.) 

In all honesty, we'll probably merge it with the main game and have it trigger as a surprise event if you happen to be playing on Halloween / in October. 

Appreciate the feedback! Comments like these make all the hours spent working on it worth it! <3

Thank you so much! We had a ton of fun writing it!

Definitely two major season arcs. I'd say we're roughly through the first third/half of the first season once Episode 4 concludes. (We'll be releasing the start of Episode 4 in November!)

After season 2, we'll see what happens.

I'm sad to say it's probably your computer.

We've had some bug reports, (mostly typos or small stuff, nothing about crashes) but all of them happen after that scene.

I suspect it might be the large backgrounds/art assets being scaled, and your computer is possibly a bit older?

I like the idea... It definitely won't be during season 1, but once the current arc is wrapped up and our crew returns home to Sol– who knows? <3

It takes a while to show up. Don't stress! <3

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As a small indie dev, I haven't been paying much heed to your regular comments advocating for AI over our hand-drawn assets on our devlogs, as I respect everyone's hustle. I did, however, want to highlight a few points that you might or might not have considered.

Other than the pending legal and ethical implications that I won't go into– it's been argued to death, and an internet opinion about whether it's right or wrong isn't going to sway anyone. The simple answer is, "We just don't know what's going to happen yet."

If I were going to invest the next three to five years of my life to develop a game, I would do it right the first time. It would suck to invest that time and effort only for the courts to definitively decide two years in that the use of 3rd party AI tools does infringe on Intellectual Property rights. They might end up doing so. They might not. Large stores like Steam are playing it safe by proactively pulling a large majority of games from their catalogue that were made with the help of AI tools. Is it fair? Depends on who you ask, but it doesn't matter. The core issue is, as an indie dev who hopefully has some business sense, would you gamble the next five years of your time and energy to develop a game with AI tools?

"But my time is free! If I lose the next five years, it didn't cost me anything as I used free AI tools." I hope you don't think like this, but if you do, there is an economic concept called "opportunity cost." Think of it like this: your time might be 'free', but if you had two options, one where you create a game that ends up being a flop due to AI assets, and another where you create a game with terrible hand-drawn scribbles that lead to $1,000 in sales, even though your time is still 'free', pursuing the first option effectively 'costs' you $1,000 in losses, as had you chosen the second option, you would have made $1,000. It's oversimplified, but you get the idea.

Secondly, AI art is very easy to spot. It has a certain 'look and feel'. It's the same with RPG Maker shovelware games. They all look the same, and people associate that with "low effort" or "terrible quality". Is it fair? Probably not. I can pour my heart and soul into the best-ever RPG Maker game, worthy of being the next moonshot, but potential players will barely glance at it before clicking away. Making a game is hard, but it's the easiest part of making a successful game. Marketing your game and getting people to play what you've made is infinitely harder, as I'm sure you've noticed with your own released games.

AI is great, but it's not "there" yet. You can't create nuanced and deliberate art or stories with it. It will improve over the next few years, and it will become more usable, but it won't ever be "intentional." Not until it advanced to a truly sentient and self-aware program. Until then, it's just algorithms throwing splotches of paint on a canvas until it resembles something that matches your prompt by referencing the data it was trained on.

Lastly, and I hesitate to mention this. I look for the best in people, and I ascribe your regular comments about AI on our devlogs to you just being very excited about AI, which is great. I have a tech background, and my day job is in tech, and AI also excites me. I can't wait to see what the future holds, but we need to be sensitive to those around us.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and I hope you take my words to heart. You probably won't, but the optimist in me chooses to believe that you will. <3

Thanks for the feedback! I can't make any promises since we're hard at work with Epi 4, but if possible we'll try to circle back and resolve some of these issues!


Each week we have a poll on Patreon for peeps to vote what character they want more content for, what time of content they want (thus far everyone keeps voting for more nsfw scenes) and then some of the scene specifics.

The chosen scene for June was an intimates/nsfw scene for MC & Lochem, taking place in the shower.

What can I say!? <3

Soon TM...

But seriously, we are busy writing her romance arc amongst a few other stuff. <3

It should be fixed now? Sorry for taking a while to get to it! Let me know if it's still an issue! <3

Are you getting an error message or something that you can share with me so I can look into it? <3

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Hi, there are quite a few bugfixes, new backgrounds (I love the shuttle) and some new content. There is also some new content that you should see after the "Following scene(s) are under construction."

We had to rewrite the story controller a while back, and this unfortunately won't allow you to progress with your old save. I hate introducing save breaking features, but unfortunately it's something that has to happen once in a while. (Ironically, this save breaking feature means we can add much more new content, without breaking future saves when it comes to adding to the story!)

Edit: Thanks to EVERYONE in the community who jumped in and helped resolve the issue in the comments below! <3

Thanks for all the kind words!

Yes, we had to change our story controller, and this unfortunately broke older saves. Much like the change in art direction, I know losing saves sucks, and it wasn't an easy decision.

Changes like these will however allow us to continue working on and expanding Infinite Stars in new directions for years to come! <3

(Sorry for taking so long to reply. I started typing this message 12 hours ago, and just realized I never finished it!)

Thanks and oops! A little sleep deprived. 

Episode 1 and 2 are the prologue, with mc joining the crew at the start of Episode 3. It is a long game, last I checked it's about 112K+ words, the prologue making up roughly 25K words. <3

Hey, you've reached the end of the existing content. <3

There is a new patch coming out later today with some graphic updates (more portraits and Kiaria's sprite change), but we'll start introducing more and more scenes from next month (I've already written a whole bunch! and we're busy hiring an additional writer to speed up the content production)

In the meantime, (trying to avoid spoilers), depending on how creative you feel, you might want to start writing some scenes of your own for the AI core?

I'm sorry you feel that way. Cleo will miss your headpats and the crew will spend their days talking about the good old days when Cubs was still around.

Stay safe ;) 

Hey! I love questions like these!

So appearance wise, your MC probably looks entirely human, depending on [spoiler reasons]. There are exceptions in some extreme cases, but most Mah'Abeu's look indistinguishable from regular humans. <3

Congrats! This looks great! <3

Hey xmouse, the sprite isn't customizable, but your character is. It's one of the core gameplay mechanics where you customize your appearance and personality through the gameplay options. I am working on a second character screen that will update your appearance options, similar to the personality options. <3

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Hey Sandpixie, adultcontent is currently only on the Patreon build, and is disabled by default. You can still experience a full story without it. We currently have adult intimate scenes for:

  • Male Mah'Abue x Lebeny and Kiaria.
  • Female Mah'Abue x Lebeny, Kiaria, Lochem and Khalil.

These scenes share more of the LI's personality, and how they act when vulnerable. I'm very careful about not adding any major plot points to these scenes, I don't want anyone to feel like they are missing out on the main story!

Edit: I feel the same about the Cephilusk! I'll be introducing two new Cephilusk characters soon, and their artwork is just amazing!

Hi Kon, unfortunately not. The Android version is given to Patrons over a certain tier as a value add and a thank you. Sorry for the dissapointment and I hope you understand! The funds from Patreon allows me to continue developing and sharing Infinite Stars for free.

Not yet, but probably sooner than you expect. It has been part of our roadmap for a while, and the answer is: You'll eventually be able to romance all the characters in the game so far, except for Katya and Cleo. The list of exceptions might grow as we add new, unromanceable characters down the line though. <3

Anything specific? No promises, but I can try to fix it. <3

What error are you getting? Sometimes if you "fast skip" it creates an error down the line? 

If you hop onto Discord, you can share a screenshot of the error log and I can help you! 

Hey, not at all. They are both the same versions. The Patreon version is also the same, except it includes nsfw content where the regular game fades to black. It's also usually a version or two ahead in terms of unpolished content. I'm working really hard to get the next release out as soon as possible!