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So much has changed! We’ve been spending most of our time on Episode 2, but during down times we’d circle back to Episode 1 to fiddle and polish it a bit more. I think going back to improve existing work is something that we’ll continue to do.

Episode 2’s patron release is just around the corner, and the story continues after Mayvheen and Veera returned to the UIC Tabitha. (You’ll get to meet several new characters, and get your first peek inside the Concordat Cruiser)

We’ve added the long awaited Veera’s armor sprite, implemented the correct backgrounds, made some minor story changes, added new music tracks and also added a short, tongue in cheek scene after the credits. There’s more, but it’s too much to mention here.

We hope you enjoy the update to Episode 1, and we’re so excited to share the next episode with everyone! You can try the game here!

Hi, we recently released two, new, free portrait packs with expressions for you to use in your games! You can get them by clicking the images, or alternatively you check out our main page where you'll find all of our existing free assets (Don't forget to hit follow on itch so you don't miss any new releases!)


Veera (Armored)

Lastly if you'd like to support us in creating more free assets (while expanding on our "pay what you want" visual novel - Infinite Stars) please consider supporting us on Patreon! All funds raised go straight back into the project!

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We're always adding more free assets for the community to use in their non-commercial projects. All assets are licensed as Creative Commons.

Here is our list of free assets on itch. It's mostly character portraits with expressions and a few backgrounds. Give us a follow on itch if you don't want to miss any new free releases.If you need full body artwork, you can also peek at our patreon.

Good luck with the jam, and if you do use any of our assets, please let us know so we can help promote your project! <3

Hi Terra, is releasing a new episode for an existing VN acceptable? If so we'd like to enter, but we don't want to game the system!

Thanks! It's really encouraging to see posts like these! We hope the second chapter won't disappoint! You won't have to wait too much longer!

Absolutely love it!

Great! We'll make sure he's one of the options for our patrons to vote on! Do you want to write a short bio for him that we can present? :)

Thank you SO much for the heads up! It's fixed. Seems like the download was hidden - probably due to a misclick. We really appreciate you letting us know

This has to be one of the top 5 cutest cats we've ever seen! Looking at the 3rd picture, I can see why you named her Toothless. She looks exactly like the dragon!

Good luck and thank you for the entry! <3

Congratulations on the wedding plans! :) When is the big day?

Infinite Stars is an interactive, science fiction visual novel licensed under a Creative Commons license. (We want everyone to be able to play the game for free, while also encouraging them to create their own stories)

It’s a story about a future where we have overcome our differences, and are truly a united collective. We travel the stars and discover new and wonderful species, their cultures and beliefs.

It’s inspired by stories like Dune, Star Trek and The Expanse. The world is hard science fiction, shying away from the more mainstream “science fantasy”

The story is episodic with meaningful choices, that echo and reverb in future episodes while still being feasible from a writers perspective.

Our art and music style is very unique, especially for a Visual Novel.

You can get the game here or follow us on twitter.

Thank you for the well wishes!! <3

We're excited and nervous at the same time! 

I spoke with our composers. I can't make any promises yet, but it seems like we will be able to help you get your hands on the music. It might only be somewhere next week though.

Hi Napkin! Thanks for the feedback! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game!

We didn't intend to release an OST but it is something I will discuss with our composers.

We have been posting our regular devlogs on our Patreon, but in the excitement for the public release we decided to post the older logs here also, in one large post.


Version 08.14
Polishing for Beta Test release
Changed intro font
Implemented Lahkhadia hologram sprites
Implemented main menu picture

Version 0.806
Added startup sound for computer in intro branch
Added additional content & polish to intro branch
Changed scrape sound to sound deeper and larger
Added additional content to bring routes together to final scene
Added content for final scene

Version 0.730
Implement partial rewrite of don't send route (flows much better now)
Second edit of don't send route
Implemented new Choice GUI & Colors
Implemented Hologram Veera visuals

Version 0.724
Modified spacing for mobile version
Additional editing on send-veera route (route 98% done)
Content added to don't-send route
First edit of don't-send route done

Version .0719
Changed narrator text color to offwhite
Implemented new textboxes and nameboxes
Changed Mayvheen color to be more complimentary with new UI
Changed Veera color
Changed Katya's color
Modified GUI elements
Found sizing that feels right for side portraits (finally)
Cleaned up sprite images to pop a bit more

Version .0630
Implemented DropDrone BG
Fixed up Mayvheen's transparent "floating" bar
Darkened UIC human uniforms
Hid textbox that briefly flashed at start of game
Implemented more dramatic pauses
Changed Narrator text to instant speed (and immediately changed it back)
Removed Narrator Namebox
Implemented CtC for Veera & Mayvheen
Added centered screen breaks
Clarified language differences between drop-drone and drop-pod. Oops.

Populating this for historical value.

  • Started implementing pauses on new content for Send-Veera route added in previous branch
  • Changed console warnings to be display behind textbox. Less intrusive now?
  • Added Ambience & SFX for Drop Drone descent
  • Added additional story to don't Send-Veera route

Populating this for historical value.

  • Added additional story to send Veera's route
  • T/S and resolved audio loops
  • Reduced Katya's side image size to be closer in line with a younger person
  • Added new bg
  • Coded more facial expressions for the Send-Veera route
  • Added Ava to credits
  • Added heroic combat loop to Send-Veera route
  • Created ambiance channel
  • Split music and ambiance for start of s1e1

Populating this for historical value.

  • Removed text warning when off-course and started replacing with animated warnings
  • Added Katya's Artwork
  • Added additional line spacing
  • Added kerning
  • Redid GUI text box (still not final)
  • Added rough GUI choice GFX
  • Started work on smoothing screen transitions
  • Disabled Rollback option in options
  •  Disabled Back button
  • Changed NVL mode GUI
  • Made textbox GUI more readable
  • Cleaned up Veera's artwork and recompiled her images
  • Added code obfuscation for scripts, audio and images.
  • Moved choices lower so it doesn't cover character faces.
  • Added (and removed) alarm audio

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    Populating this for historical value.

    • Added story for not sending Veera
    • Coded basic pauses and initial presentation for s01e01b