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New Table-Top RPG: Squires Errant

A topic by Tim B. created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 39
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Knighthood, old men blather on, used to mean something. These days, with mercenaries fighting all the wars, all a knight has to do is pay his tithes.

When the war gets hard or the crops don’t yield, a knight sends his squires to quest for long-forgotten gold in ancient caverns and horrible tombs.

The squires, traditionally tasked with recovering 10,000 gold pieces worth of treasure, are promised knighthood if they are so courageous and clever as to return...

The players’ rules for Squires Errant are the beginning of a new RPG in the vein of minimalist, old-school-D&D-inspired games like Electric Bastionland and Maze Rats. (It was, in fact, a submission to the Electric Bastion Jam.)

Features include:

  1. Simple rules designed to be flexible and varied while at the same time easy to memorize
  2. Seven classic starter classes with 21 Boons in total: spells that can be cast, maneuvers that can be performed, and items that can be produced at will
  3. Lots and lots of three-point lists
I am hoping to continue developing and expanding the game, so thank you for checking it out! A preview with the rules for starting to play is below.

Rules for Creating a Character
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