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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? 路 By bobcgames


A topic by PieroWidyastana created Aug 15, 2020 Views: 428 Replies: 11
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I'm trying my best to collect 333 collectibles but failed 馃槄 my brain isn't genius enough. I'm missing: Black Check, Blue Friendship Bracelet, Blue Towel, Green Friendship Bracelet, Orange Friendship Bracelet, Party Hat Sticker and Voyager Disc 5. If anyone knows how to collect these, please tell me 馃榿

Developer (1 edit)

That's incredibly impressive that you're only missing these.

(To be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% sure that they are all obtainable, so if you've been trying and failing at some of these, it might be time for me to update the requirements and release a new game build.)

Blank Check - You have to pay for "enough" meals during the game. (You need 9 "points" of payment, which I think can be done by paying Sept 29, paying Sept 30, paying Oct 7, getting money from your parents on Oct 21, and paying Dec 1.  There may be other combinations that work, but it's important to have spend enough that you get a refill from your parents on October 21 to be able to get this collectable.)
Blue Friendship Bracelet - Have enough friendship with Hannah at the end of the game. (You need over 90 points, which now that I look at it, may not actually be possible?)
Blue Towel - Date Carlos and have a threesome with Dan on October 29
Green Friendship Bracelet - Have enough friendship with Jake at the end of the game and not be dating him. (You need over 75 points.)
Orange Friendship Bracelet - Have enough friendship with Nikhil at the end of the game. (You need over 75 points.)
Party Hat Sticker - Date Carlos and have a threesome with Dan on October 29
Voyager Disc 5 - Watch "another episode" with James on December 1

Hi! Thank you for the amazing game! And sorry to bother you but...something on this post caught my attention. 

'Date Carlos and have a threesome with Dan on October 29' :O I want that lol. I've been trying but failing at it... can you give any tips on how to unlock that? thanks


You need to tell Janet at the beginning that you're open to "orgies", and then tell Carlos about Dan on October 27. (You also have had to be previously involved with Dan before that point.)


I went ahead and pushed a new game build with lower requirements for the collectables you don't have yet, which hopefully will make them more straightforward for you to obtain. 

Best of luck getting them all!

Updated, I have successfully obtained Green Friendship Bracelet 馃榿 now only Voyager Disk 5 left. I completely have no idea for that one 馃槄 Btw, I played the previous version to obtain those collectibles. I haven't updated to latest version yet

Hey, thanks for the tips. I replayed the game and now I'm only missing green friendship bracelet and voyager disk 5. I tried many ways to get the green friendship bracelet but still failed haha 馃槀. I have no idea how to watch Voyager with James on December 1. There's no choice to spend time with him, even the MC is dating him. It's automatically spending time with Adam, Carlos, Dan and Liz having meals @The Yard and watching movie. Afterwards, it's December 2 already


Oh. It looks like you have to be dating James but also have really low friendship with both Adam and Carlos (40 points or less for each of them). Then, instead of going to see a movie with Adam and Carlos, you should go play games with Jake and Nikhil, and then head to James' apartment afterward.

I should maybe make that easier...

Hey, thank you so much 馃槏 now my collectibles are completed 

Developer (1 edit)

You are amazing and I love it.

Can I send you some YAGS stickers to celebrate? Email me your mailing address (bobcgames (at) if you want. :)


Thank you guys 馃槝