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Ocean Mining

A topic by Crystalline Green Ltd. created Jun 05, 2017 Views: 340
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A business sim in which you take on the role of an ocean mining company! Extract rare minerals from beneath the waves, balancing both profit and costs, and the impact on the environment left in your wake.

Play here: https://crystalline-green-ltd.... (free!)

The game was created as part of Ocean Game Jam 2017, which aims to educate and raise awareness of issues around the seas and oceans. Ocean mining is a real thing, and something that technology is only just beginning to allow. However, it could be big business and a major issue in the next few decades. It's thought there are some $130 trillion worth of minerals in deposits under the seas and oceans {Edit, actually it's $150trillion in gold alone. Source]. Moreover, many sources of rare earth metals on land, as used in smartphones or renewable energy technology, are either running out, have low concentrations, or are in conflict zones. Whereas the deposits in the seas are often of much greater concentrations.

The big unknown is what impact undersea mining will have on the environment. There is little research into what the effects might be, which sites may be more or less sensitive, and how wide an area around a mining site is affected by activities there. In this game, we've tried to simulate some possible answers.

You can play the game in your browser, or you can download the game for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Made by James Coote, Lukas Krähn, Felix Szczesny, and Stefan Kreitmayer.

Below you can see a couple of screenshots. We may add to the game if we get time. Currently thinking of maybe an upgrade system for your mining robots, exploration ships etc.

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