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Entrancing musical falling block puzzler 路 By davemakes

Any plans for Android?

A topic by Cerebral Anemic created Aug 09, 2020 Views: 1,394 Replies: 9
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I really love games like this, and my wife REALLY loves them, but she only plays mobile games. In fact she's asked me to make one for her, but I could never make music this good!


Not in the near future, but good to know the interest is there!


It needs to be in the near future.


Yep, I feel this game more suitable for mobile devices instead of PC but still good work. I hope you release on mobile so more players can play it.

Big same, a mobile version of this would be rad.

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I think Nintendo would license this.  You think Android or Nintendo would be the way to go?

what do you think @Davemakes?

Deleted 3 years ago

I think it's hard to get dev kits from nintendo, at least that's how it was the last time I checked (a few years ago), I've released on Android and it's really easy, so the only real work is porting it. I'm biased against Apple for all the fees they make devs pay, and the fact that you can't compile ios code on windows. So you have to buy or emulate a mac on top of everything else just for the privilege to give them the same 30% everyone else charges. That 30% is why I buy on itch whenever I can.

I'd do the port for free if @Davemakes was willing to give me access to the git repo(?) Although I completely understand if not for obvious reasons. This might be my wake up call to finish my own prototype 馃槀 Although I'll need someone who can make music as good as this!

I guess I am out of the loop because I don't know exactly what itch is.  But please for the love of God bring this game to Android or Nintendo switch.

Well did I call it or what?  Bought it for my switch pretty quickly.  Mixolumia FOEVEA!!