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Demo compared to Actual Game

A topic by rparks701 created Jun 02, 2017 Views: 492 Replies: 4
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I downloaded the demo from the recharged ($9.99) page, is there a difference in quality or performance I should expect from the regular ($4.99) simulator? I noticed the desert scene is vastly different from the Android. I love the changes and as long as the demo is an accurate representation of how it'll perform, I want to get the full version.


I think it's a pretty good representation. The scenes in Recharged are generally bigger and more detailed compared to the ones in the regular version. They are also more demanding graphics-wise (But if needed you can select lower graphics quality and/or run the simulator at lower resolution (as described in the manual)). 

I ended up going with the Recharged version, and I'm loving it! I had been using it on my android phone, but on the big screen is much more enjoyable so far, and it seems to be running well, the only level that gives me any real issue is forest and I'm guessing that's due to all the rendering of trees.

Are there any plans to add level or timed lap creation tools, shareable fastest laps, etc.? The  laps you designed are great and a big challenge for me, but I think it'd be cool to try some other lines.

Either way I'm loving it, and I appreciate you making such a well though-out sim for learning and practice. Hoping when I build my first quad I can get it to "feel" like the Freerider setup.


Thanks, I'm glad to hear that!

Yes, the forest can be quite demanding due to all the trees.

Yes I would like to include a level creation tool later on. It's quite a challenge to make one with the amount of flexibility I would like though, but it's definitely high up on my own wishlist.

Glad to hear it, I feel like it's helped a lot and I appreciate the quality it has!