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Spycon - Secret agents man!

A topic by t4j created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 252
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Wanna try a Spy Tycoon game? 

Spycon is a tycoon style game where you play as the Head of a secret government organization. Your career starts in 1980 and your task is to provide security for your country and people. 

Game is available for Windows and you can download it from here:
Get Spycon from Microsoft
Main menu
Send agents on missions
Your super secret base


  • Run a secret organization.

  • Protect your country.

  • Hire and train your agents.

  • Send them on various dangerous missions – being undercover, rescuing important people, destroying terrorist cells, retrieving stolen information, helping famous people, etc.

  • Buy equipment from the super-secret spy e-shop.

  • Get a shooting range, gym, infirmary, nice office, personal assistant and many other things.

  • Increase your super-secret factor (SSF) to gain more prestige and money to run your secret organization.

    You can watch a short game play video here:

Feel free to contact us and let us know how do you like the game.




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