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What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? · By Goodwolf Studio, Zein Okko

network jump tutorial not working?

A topic by Top Hat Jellyfish created Aug 06, 2020 Views: 262 Replies: 4
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I've gotten to the network jump bit in episode 0, and i can't get any further. it just says "network jump," and it lets me enter in text but nothing works. i have to exit the game to go back. i checked a walkthrough on youtube and their version of the game had a tutorial, is there a way i can get that to work in my version, or do i have to redownload it or something?


Hi! Sorry you're having trouble. Are you using the accessiblity mode? Are you in the lab and trying to access the attachment of the mail on the COMTE computer?
You have to type in the numbers of the coordinates, like 01, 02, etc. and then hit enter to go there. Alternatively you can cycle through the options with tab. Does that not work for you?

i'm not using accessibility mode. that is where i am. i can type in coordinates, but there aren't any suggestions or visuals.

i can see the "network jump" prompt, the objective, and the picture of sam. where the map's supposed to be, i see the white dot and in the top right side of the screen, i can see the bottom left corner of a rectangle with x's at the edge of it. i can type 01, 02, etc. but nothing changes and there aren't any text options to cycle through.


That's weird... are you on Windows 10? Could you post a screenshot of that issue happening? And could you send me your savegame to, please? I could take a look and if I can't find the problem now, at least put your save past that part so you can continue.

I'm having a similar problem. I got the game in a bundle and it keeps crashing the exact same way