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Top Hat Jellyfish

A member registered Jun 06, 2020

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Hey! I'm planning on running some of these for my roommate, one-on-one; are there any adjustments you'd recommend for a balanced single player campaign?

i'm not using accessibility mode. that is where i am. i can type in coordinates, but there aren't any suggestions or visuals.

i can see the "network jump" prompt, the objective, and the picture of sam. where the map's supposed to be, i see the white dot and in the top right side of the screen, i can see the bottom left corner of a rectangle with x's at the edge of it. i can type 01, 02, etc. but nothing changes and there aren't any text options to cycle through.

I've gotten to the network jump bit in episode 0, and i can't get any further. it just says "network jump," and it lets me enter in text but nothing works. i have to exit the game to go back. i checked a walkthrough on youtube and their version of the game had a tutorial, is there a way i can get that to work in my version, or do i have to redownload it or something?

awesome, thanks!

is it ok to post some of what i write for this online? i'll explain what it is and include a link to the game

it's not a rip-off, it's based on the show. they just changed the names and stuff to avoid copyright issues. the description even mentions them talking about it on a she-ra podcast.