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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

DS4 remap possible?

A topic by Legomeaker101 created Aug 03, 2020 Views: 131 Replies: 3
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I have been using a DS4 controller to play this game for a long time but my mapping on the ps4 is different. since i have to use the '/gamepad 5" command the controls menu only shows keyboard controls and i am unable to change it to on. is it possible to turn it on or edit the controller mappings by editing a txt or ini file?


See "Gamepad0" and "Gamepad1" in NTT-FAQ document included with the mod.

Okay, I looked at the faq and put


In the NuclearThroneTogether.ini file but what would the names of the commands be? (like what is the text for shoot and special and others?)

Okay, i was able to remap the controller by editing the save instead of the ini file. i had to use the native mac version to make a save file that had my ps4 controller mappings. sorry for the bothering you.