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Version 1.0 Bug Reports (Spoilers)

A topic by TsubasaWakui created Aug 01, 2020 Views: 110 Replies: 2
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Spoilers to what I believe is the end (or near end):

After the dual encounter with Ivan and Nasha, Yvon and Lloyd's scene in the main entryway by the statue results with Lloyd stuck in a walking animation.  This could be because I did not speak with the ghost painter in that room since I didn't even enter that room until the robots started to take over the mansion, resulting in the ghost just standing right next to them.  Another possible factor is that I didn't run into Nasha prior to that scene.  Tried again from the Ivan/Nasha encounter to see if it were a fluke, with the same results.


I should note that due to the box blocking the secret door, the player is locked in that area rendering the game unbeatable under these conditions.


Thanks for the report