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Quick Artistic Question

A topic by GroovyMaster created Jul 30, 2020 Views: 207 Replies: 3
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Hi! I'm a game developer that's trying desperately to improve his artstyle.

I really like the game art, but I can draw that already. I was curious about the game page's banner.  I LOVE it!

I'm not sure if it's the pale skin and bright hair clashing with the somber expression and dark background. Or if it's the gray roses framing the relatively bright character in a dark world. But I really like the style.

So, I was wondering, did you have any inspiration/reference for the picture when drawing it? It would be awesome if I could see more in its style.

Edit: I just saw the thumbnail 1919 update. HOW DO YOU DO IT?! IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!


Hey there! Thank you for your enthusiasm. To be completely transparent, I did not draw the artworks used in both promotional pieces. I commissioned artists to draw both Beatris & Vika. 

In Beatris' case, the artist also made a background which I reworked into what you see. As for Vika's art piece (1919), I found free to use images online, cut them up in the shape i needed them & recolored/decolored them to give the image a setting. (Each image needs a focal point & so Vika's art piece is the red chip which i mirrored horz. & vert. To make it look like a motif.)

You might want to look into Photoshop's Levels tool for color/light balancing. Its my main tool to create these edits.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

- Harmless


Hey, even if you didn't draw it and just changed some colors, it still looks really good. Also thanks for the tips. I've never really used the light balancing tool before.  But now I'm excited to try and see what I can make! (:


Glad to hear!