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Changelog Sticky Locked

A topic by Strive4Power created May 28, 2017 Views: 32,238
This topic was locked by Strive4Power Jun 16, 2017
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The most recent changelogs will be posted into this thread. You can also click on the game's version at main menu screen to look at current version changes

Redone relatives screen

Added new tooltip for slaves and items
Added option to show/hide full body imags in slave tab
Added buttons to transfer all items from loot to backpack and from backpack to mansion
Hade's sprite reworked
Base skillpoints per level reduced to 2 from 3
Replaced grade icon with a new one
Rebalanced and animated combat
Every 2 levels increase character damage by 1 and health by 5
Game now stores separate autosaves for last 3 days
Magic affinity damage modifier increased from 2.5 to 4
Fixed some rescue encounters crashing
Fixed decimals showing during combat
Fixed the issue causing additional clicks during game start to get more starting slaves
Fixed deterrent potion not curing sex-crazed effect
Fixed some repeatable quest descriptions
Fixed provision and teleport stone purchase for backpacks
Fixed some tooltips sticking after combat
Fixed purchased slaves sometimes not being assigned to communal room
Fixed enemies not properly using some effects of their gear and some residual stats from it
Pregnancy duration related events should take into account changes to default constant now 
Fixed a capturee daily event issue
Fixed MC privates piercing
Fixed sounds not turning off at 0 volume
Fixed mental breakdown instakilling slaves
Fixed enemies in deeper regions not having full health
Fixed contraceptives related issues
Fixed some older saves issues
Added a few new scenes related to main plot
Player's starting bonuses have been redisigned
Trait can now be selected for starting slave
Exhaustion now displayed in combat as debuff
Player's energy is no longer reduced due to pregnancy
Later stages of pregnancy have combat debuff now (-25% speed)
Slave's price multiplier per level reduced from 50 to 40
Energy and mana costs of abilities added to the combat tooltips
Ranger drop rate bonus reduced from 50% to 40%
Added piercing and tattoo options to main character
Added action for hollow nipples
Mental breakdown shouldn't kill slaves in farm anymore
Slightly readjusted slave price formula
Gear reequipment should correctly update slave stats
Contraception mechanic changed: now prevents any pregnancies for 2 days and will be taken once wears off
Impregnation chance with no contraception grows way quicker with consecutive attempts
Fixed some errors with captured slave stats related to weared gear
Fixed Rogue armor wrong values
Fixed few issues with the ending sequence
Fixed navel piercing not showing up in descriptions
Fixed receiving Ayneris's rapier before end of her quest
Fixed Health Bonus gear not working properly
Fixed Sebastian sometimes giving incorrect grade slaves
Fixed a bug when slaves chosing certain actions
Dating mood now improves obedience
Sex interactions AI can now use multiple slaves in one action
AI will choose continuous action way more often now
Added option to make punishment public
Added tutorial parts for new interactions
Stress now is divided to 4 clear stages: low/green/<33, medium/yellow/<66, high/red/<99, breakdown/red/99+. 
Moving to the next stage will trigger info message, instead of being triggered at any stress change
Max stress is capped at 120
Stress penalties slightly reworked: stress now can cause health and energy decrease
Headgirl's settings now increase fear or obedience every day instead of obedience or loyalty
High fear (50+) now has chance to ease resistant state
Captured slaves now will have some initial Fear
Killing defeated enemies now increases Fear of captives and your group
Fixed mutation spell
Fixed player character relatives panel
Fixed wimborn teleport stone purchase not unlocking actual teleport
Fixed anal and masochist traits assignging incorrectly during sex interaction
Some other small cosmetic fixes