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Changelog Sticky Locked

A topic by Strive4Power created May 28, 2017 Views: 20,557
This topic was locked by Strive4Power Jun 16, 2017
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Developer (Edited 21 times) (+2)

The most recent changelogs will be posted into this thread. You can also click on the game's version at main menu screen to look at current version changes


  • Tisha's sprite updated
    Added illustrations for 4 scenes
    Added random item enchants
    Enchanted items can be found in treasure chests which can be found in next areas: Wimborn forest, Elven forest, Marsh, Undericty and caverns.
    Sometimes you may need a lockpick to open a chest. Lockpicks can be purchased at Shaliq and Umbra
    New combat & gear stat: protection
    Protection reduces incoming phys damage by percentage
    Protection reduction is calculated before armor
    Armor gear redisigned to provide protection in first place
    Ninja suit is now belongs to armor instead of costume
    Rescued strangers when asked for material reward have 25% chance to produce gear (sometimes enchanted)
    Lamias start with elongated tongue
    Elongated tongue is back to the lab mods
    Win panel will always display inventory now (prevents stucking when you are overburden and lost a slave)
    Old help section removed
    Fixed Amberguard bugging on first entrance and providing free teleport stone
    Fixed Nympho spec not reducing energy costs for actions properly
    Fixed Tamer's passive activating while Tamer is away
    Fixed specialization requirement levelup triggering before acquiring actual specialization
    Fixed couple of issues regarding the ending
    Fixed sole walkthrough error
    Fixed daily event involving acquiring new slave
    Fixed some more exploration issues
    Fixed centaur energy
    Fixed some exploration and quest related issues

Fixed an error in undercity ruins

Main quest finished
Added some more gui animations
Ayda's quest will check for character's total magic affinity
Fixed some errors with jail and special occupations
Fixed continuous actions persisting between interactions
Fixed a bug preventing slaves in your bed 'going down on you'
Fixed few other issues

Claymore Strength requirements increased from 2 to 4
Sword now requires 2 Strength
Some corrections to Emily's sprite
Fixed bondage and teleport seals item usage

  • Added few new actions to interaction system
  • Added new Alise costume
  • Added new item temporarily for Ayneris quest reward
  • Added new buttons to return to mansions from settlements
  • Updated Melissa's sprite
  • Various changes to sex and abuse interactions:
  • Added basic mood indicator and stress icon
  • Slaves will refuse to participate in actions if their obedience is low or action is too lewd for them
  • Slaves will show rebellious mood while their obedience is low during interactions
  • Rebellious mood will severly reduce lust and sensetivity gains, prevent slaves from getting pleasure from punishments (spanking, whipping, etc) (unless has "Masochist" trait) and adopt related traits
  • Punishments have small chance to reduce 'captured' state on slaves (based on punishment)
  • Mindblast deals more damage now
  • Fixed multiple main quest related bugs
  • Fixed couple repeatable quests using old variables

  • Fixed 100% escapes for every enemy
  • Fixed some encounter crashes with negative gorn reputation

  • Theron and Garthor got their respective sprites
  • New backgrounds for dungeons and undercity
  • Added some new details and improvments to new interaction system
  • Adjusted some colors for better readability
  • Fixed Zoe sprites not showing up during quest dialogues
  • Fixed Elixir of regression

  1. You can now run from undercity fights
  2. Fixed a bug with chasing escaping enemies
  3. Fixed a bug causing exhausted slaves to deal way less damage than intended
  4. Fixed centaurs having wrong energy
  5. Fixed couple of daily events issues
  6. Fixed multiple music related issues
  7. Minor combat screen improvements
  8. Slave's gear should properly update on sale

  • Screen scale set to basic by default
  • Basic scale corrected to keep aspects
  • Multiple misspells and bug fixes
  • Fixed various combat stun issues
  • Fixed frostford's main quest parts sometimes allowing to go where you shouldn't and causing crashes
  • Fixed a bug with slaver guild descripting males with pussy
  • Fixed a bug with purchase of multiple items to backpack

  • Mage order assistant income formula altered (should curve out better with magic affinity)
  • Fixed daily event bug
  • Fixed fucktoy assignement bug
  • Fixed minorus/majorus potions applied on penis
  • Fixed issue cleaning button
  • Minor other fixes

  • Added new spell: Guidance
  • Added more actions to new sex system
  • Food and supplies can now be customized to keep certain amount in mansion by chef and merchants
  • Base food consumption per slave can't be lower than 3
  • New Cali's sprite
  • New backgrounds for alchemy and library
  • Slightly reworked and visually improved library
  • Backpack can now be managed from inventory screen
  • Fixed Minorus potion
  • Fixed wrong values in food reduction from having a chef formula (previously agility was twice as effective and wit only half of what it should be)
  • Fixed being stunned preventing character from being target of positive effects
  • Fixed Mute trait preventing slave from accessing levelup requirement
  • Fixed geisha spec being unobtainable
  • Fixed error with new sex desription calling fairies gnomes
  • Fixed some minor quest parts

  • Various new fixes
  • Now items from backpack can be sold at markets

  • Fixed nympho spec being unobtainable
  • Fixed baby raising sequence

  • Multiple bugfixes

  • Fixed bug with Tisha receiving quest
  • Fixed sex job related bugs
  • Fixed pregnancy related bugs

  • Fixed spell purchase from Mage's order
  • Fixed Maturing potion

  • Added new sex & punish system
  • Ayneris and Zoe got their sprites
  • Emily sprite has been reworked
  • Nerfed public entertainer occupation a bit
  • Redone outside usage of spells and items
  • You can now purchase items for the backpack from shops
  • Fluid substance and tainted essence shouldn't be required for levelup until amberguard is unlocked
  • File structure now allows easier addition of new races and body parts
  • Save files store additional info now
  • Revamped slave description during inspection
  • Quicksell slaves price slightly increased to compensate rope costs
  • Changed some music tracks for original
  • Fixed bunch of unique character related errors
  • Fixed main quest options not correctly killing your slaves
  • Many inner restructures of code (might improve some performance)
  • Fixed laboratory operations being deadly
  • Fixed escape costing all your energy
  • Fixed tattoos not properly applying effects on first use

  • Fixed player's items being unqequiped on inventory reopening
  • Fixed whipping punishment having no effect
  • Fixed player accomodating stress
  • Fixed a bug with Cali's quest
  • Fixed bug with decisions regarding the defeated
  • Fixed autosave function not working properly