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Changelog Sticky Locked

A topic by Strive4Power created 114 days ago Views: 6,107
This topic was locked by Strive4Power 94 days ago
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Developer (Edited 12 times)

The most recent changelogs will be posted into this thread.


  • Fixed reputation worsening from rescued strangers
  • Added one time option to improve slave's basic beauty in laboratory 


  • Fixed supporter tab issues
  • Fixed sidecharacters beauty stat
  • Fixed Tisha being naked in interactions where she shouldn't
  • Fixed some levelingup errors
  • Fixed main character portrait position
  • Fixed demon player start
  • Fixed some quest issues


Leveling System

  • Implemented new leveling system: for more info consult with tutorial section
  • Skillpoints renamed into Attribute Points
  • Abilities no long require attribute points to learn
  • Slave's levelup requirement can be rerolled with oblivion potion
  • Ability level requirements adjusted to new system
  • Every level divides received exp by its number: if you normally get 10 exp, you will get 10/2 for 2nd level, 10/3 for 3rd level etc (still require 100% exp to levelup) 

Slave price adjustments:  

  • Selling raw slave price increased to 0.6 from 0.45 
  • Removed health cutting price in half for any slave below 50 health
  • Base beauty gives higher boost to price (2.5 instead of 2)
  • Slaves won't cost more due to physical attributes but will increase in price from their level (50 base cost for every level)
  • Slave's raw price won't drop due to low obedience, instead rebellious slave's price will be cut in half
  • Fixed tooltip showing wrong price on slave sell list


  • Fighting strangers will reduce your reputation even if you leave them after win
  • Escaped enemies now grant 2/3 of their exp
  • Fixed bug which made player receive different exp from slaves after combat
  • Elf Guard Enemy slightly buffed
  • Added icons for missing items
  • Replaced 3 old background
  • By default Alise will only appear after daily event on day end
  • Alise's text speed slightly increased
  • Alise can be dismissed with Escape at any moment
  • Redone talk function into dialogue (will also feature character sprites if those exist)
  • Removed surnames from unique characters who didn't really needed them
  • Added new minor sidequest-encounter to Amberguard area
  • Added new armor to Amberguard market
  • Dolin renamed to Chloe
  • Chloe's encounter does not require scouting check anymore
  • Chloe's quest now rewards with Domination spell on good option
  • Chloe can be recruited with some chance after her quest is finished in positive maner
  • Emily's and Tisha's naked sprites added to their early scenes
  • Tisha's sprite updated in scale to fit with others
  • Beauty potion price reduced to 50 from 75
  • Some corrections to the character portraits at slave tab
  • Made it less likely to get stuck on background change making mouse useless
  • Minimal chance to hit in combat is now 5% instead of 0
  • Minor improvements to sound settings
  • Fixed side panel not showing up when you start the game, making people question how to get out of mansion
  • Fixed obedience icon not showing low obedience correctly (should help against spontanously escaping slaves)
  • Fixed characters who join you voluntarily having very low obedience 
  • Fixed window switch between prisoners and normal slaves not updating some buttons and background
  • Fixed Emily not losing 'no sex' tag if you chosen to keep her after branding Tisha
  • Fixed bug causing youthing potion to reduce tits below supposed limits
  • Fixed kimono item
  • Fixed Yris not being recruitable
  • Fixed learning abilities for player without having skillpoints
  • Fixed slaves sometime showing wrong portraits
  • Fixed geisha bug


  • Sedation Spell stress relief now scales with Magic Affinity
  • Personal Heal Spell usage now scales with Magic Affinity
  • Dream Spell also reduces some stress
  • Invigorate Stress effect now reduces with Magic Affinity
  • Having 5+ Magic Affinity will remove critical failure chance from Domination Spell
  • Fixed farm not working in sandbox mode
  • Fixed blowjob action sometimes returning an error
  • Updated some sprites


  • Fixed old save error with parlor
  • Fixed couple of job related errors


  • Mansion upgrades won't transfer from versions before 0.4.46
  • Added new mansion upgrade: Beauty Parlor (required for Tattoo and Piercing)
  • Added new Tattoo system
  • Added new nude sprites and updated some of the old
  • Nude sprites will appear during sex actions
  • New beauty mechanics: beauty now has 2 values: base beauty and temporal boosts
  • Beauty potion now costs 75 gold and lasts 8 days, providing temportal boost
  • 'Scarred' trait will reduce base beauty by 30 instead of 50 and won't reduce it below 0
  • Adjusted position of end-day screen so Alise won't block text
  • Added colors to the gold and food changes on end-day screen
  • Added new sex actions: Frottage, tribadism (gives additional 25% chance to adopt Bisexual trait)
  • Sandbox mode starts with 30 upgrade points instead of 20
  • Slightly buffed all player background bonuses except for Researcher
  • Clicking on the slave's name on the list will let you switch to their tab (retaining openned section of current slave, if any is open)
  • When selecting on village reward on Cali's quest, you'll be rewarded with 4 upgrade points
  • Stressed slaves (over 80 stress) won't agree to consensual sex and won't be able to participate in exploration
  • Combat log should adress player character as 'you' more often
  • Hunting will now use 'awareness' instead of just agility (will also take into account wit and effects boosting scouting)
  • Main and side quests now rewards with upgrade points
  • Fixed minor issues with exploration awareness and moved calculation part into class
  • Fixed snails not appearing at eerie woods (now they can be encountered after purchase of Hatchery upgrade)
  • Fixed frostford's lumberer occupation opening on Gorn's portal unlock
  • Fixed couple of bugs with new game creation and first slave will always have fixed beauty of 40
  • Fixed farm manager not appearing in the job list
  • Fixed portal screen not opening while at slave tab
  • Fixed bug allowing to earn infinite gold from main quest


  • Added upgrade points to purchase mansion upgrades: Upgrade points can be earned by doing slaver guild missions and by selling obedient slaves (only if they were not bought from guild). Higher grade > more points
  • Added centaur to races you can order from sebastian
  • Fixed farm unlock quest (now unlocks after paying 1k gold to sebastian)
  • Farm upgrades won't show up until unlocking the farm itself


  • Fixed problem with free jail sells on attempt to capture after combat
  • Fixed problem with laboratory during the main quest


  • Fixed upgrade tab not openning when using screen change animation
  • Tisha's portrait can be restored from old saves
  • Mansion upgrades from older saves should transfer
  • 'Remove population cap' from supporters' section will properly work for upgrades
  • Potions from earlier versions should correctly unlock 
  • Fixed ability to cast spells with 0 mana while exploring
  • Fixed alchemy potions unlock
  • Fixed slave service in the slavers guild in other towns returning you to wimborn


  • Added new mansion upgrade system 
  • [Farm causes stress to grow quicker
  • If food storage excels 80% of current food cap, you'll lose 3% of food per day
  • Readjusted luxury values provided by personal room and your bed
  • Pregnancies require nursery room to give births and claim children]
  • Added Tisha's sprite
  • Starting jail capacity reduced to 1 cell
  • Added slave service and slave selling to Gorn and Frostford
  • Added nipplefuck to advanced fetish actions unlocks (requires lab modification)
  • Added new panel to the slaver guild and changed mind read function (now only have to use once per visit)
  • Added option  to control Alise's appearance on day end screen
  • Added numerical hotkey support to daily events
  • Now End Day panel can be closed with 'Escape'
  • Slightly adapted luxury calculation
  • Housekeeper's bath rule will only cost 1 supply
  • Sex actions now sorted by energy cost
  • Light bondage and hard bondage can be forced without unlocking them 
  • New trait: Ascetic - halves luxury requirements from grades
  • Fixed Emily and Tisha not getting their vacation from event
  • Fixed Zoe unlocks and some dubious parts in quest options
  • Fixed Invigorate abuse while exploring
  • Fixed old save bug when trying to explore Frostford outskirts without proceeding main quest
  • Fixed slaves offering more sex when having no energy for it
  • Fixed market selling option not correctly working after game load
  • Fixed rules updating incorrectly on new game screen


  • Added icon for gold ring
  • Added notification about required reputation to frostford's arc
  • Added reputation changes to the game's log 
  • Added more race specific names and expanded old ones (thanks to Wahn128)
  • Fixed supporter panel being opened from start
  • Fixed an error with pale blue skin color


  • New main quest arc
  • New sprites; guild fairy, Melissa
  • New portal unlock system: purchase teleport stones at shops to unlock teleportation
  • Town related jobs are unvailable until you unlock town's teleport
  • Added new sex scene for Emily and Tisha
  • Added numeric keys support to tutorial/help section
  • On save load side button pannel will be hidden
  • Fixed pregnancy counting twice to slave's metrics if headgirl was present
  • Fixed bug with Maturing Elixir causing tits to grow bigger than possible
  • Some typo fixe