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math function in input?

A topic by eric berg created Jul 23, 2020 Views: 47 Replies: 2
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ability to do math in input fields?      I'm constatntly using my input boxes on most programs to do my math in.       502+ 28  *tab*     / 2   tab    etc.


That's an idea. I do have experience writing recursive-descent expression evaluators so it won't be a hugely complicated task to add in there. What does the tab keypress do? In PixelCNC it jumps to the next editbox (which was requested previously by another user).


Tab does just that..  solves the function in current box and moves to next.

I was a code geek in a prev life.  but that was 35 yrs ago.  :)    I did come out of hiding for Y2k to solve some govt problems with fortran and Ada, Modula 2 and Pascal.   All the logic is still there, I would have to relearn all my syntax though.   I do mostly M.E. now and proof it out on the CNC.