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About the music

A topic by RETREAM created Jul 22, 2020 Views: 103
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Developer (1 edit)

A few times I've been asked questions about the music, so here's some detailed technical information:

  • it lasts 5 minutes and 23.2 seconds;
  • the original data is 48000 Hz, 16 bit, 12 real stereo channels;
  • for the demo, the data has been downsampled to 28867 Hz (the Amiga maximum in 15 kHz screen modes, for who isn't familiar with the machine's capabilities) 8 bit stereo;
  • therefore, the raw data amounts to (5*60 + 23.2) * 28867 * 2 = 18659628 bytes;
  • I compressed the data with a custom lossless method (Huffman-based) that brings it to 10902907 bytes (5429340 left + 5473567 right);
  • the data is decompressed in real time by an algorithm I wrote specifically for an unexpanded A1200, as I needed it for SkillGrid;
  • every frame, the algorithm decompresses just slightly more than the amount of data strictly needed (so, after a bunch of frames, the internal buffers are full and the decompression stops for a frame);
  • on my 68030-equipped Amiga, decompressing takes about 42 rasterlines, i.e. about 14% of a frame time.

The close-to-the-original version can be listened to from SoundCloud: