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How to get Coach ending

A topic by diogon2002 created Jul 19, 2020 Views: 564 Replies: 3
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I have gotten every ending except for the coach one, will anybody tell me what i should do to get it pls. 


Hey Diogon! Wow congratulations on getting (almost) ALL the endings. <3  I'm hoping/guessing that means you are really loving DSG-R! 

Ok sooo I can't quite recall *how* to get Coach. But I'll do my best (it's been a very long time).


I recall that you should aim for Polar (for the most part), but get the number of his towel wrong. Then you must go to the Charity Football Game, and Marlain should tell you about Polar's past. Afterwards, there *might* be an option to leave the field or stay, choose to stay. And then you'll get Coach. :)

Thanks so much, and yes i loved the game, it was such an original story that makes so much sence for this type of game and the characters are all interesting.


Aww thank you! Glad to hear it. Comments like yours make my week. =)