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Leafling Online

Free-to-play Indie MORPG with retro pixel art graphics · By Aesthetic

Version 1.1 Patch Notes

A topic by Aesthetic created Jul 17, 2020 Views: 297
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---Patch Notes 1.1---

*Chapter 1 of the MSQ released.
*Goblin Mine completed with a new boss and drops!
*New higher tier fishing spots
*New quests have been added
*Class trainers are completed and you can now change class at level 15

*Fish now properly respawn
*Resource values adjusted
*You can no longer walk around The Underpass
*Naiiad charms are no longer consumed if you choose not to change classes
*You can no longer get stuck in Miner's Cove
*The Acolyte and Soldier buttons on character creation now work correctly
*You no longer get stuck on the door to the crafting hall in JR
*Sell prices have been adjusted
*Dropping an item on Saltwater field no longer send it into the abyss
*Sound files have been normalized
*You no longer regen while dead
*Fixed a bug causing targeted enemies to remain target after death
*Fixed a bug causing jittering on cast
*Fixed a bug causing the server to lagspike when players cast Sand Swipe
*More I'm probably forgetting
*Daggers no longer hit twice against targeted enemies

*Dagger Values have been adjusted
*The drop rate of Mana Tears from The Treant have been increased 1% > 3.5%

*Cross Slash now hits twice as intended
*Pursuit stun duration reduced 2s > 0.8s
*Throat Stab now deals True Damage as intended

*Acolyte mana values have been adjusted
*Mana Bolt no longer triggers it's damage against resources
*Arcane Impact can no longer inflict Critical Hits
*Mana Lance scaling increased 15% > 30%

*Morale Boost regen increased from 6 > 14
*Whirlwind now applies a 0.5s Stun

*Geyser cooldown increased from 2.5s > 12s
*Shatter animation now applies correctly
*Current can no longer Critical Hit

--Quality of Life--
*Chat combat messages no longer flood the chatbox
*Picked up items now display a message on screen telling you the name
*Sound files have been normalized and are no longer silent and/or ear piercing
*Added more quest markers throughout the map to make quest steps easier to understand
*Updater optimized for lower end PC's
*You can now scroll text windows with your mouse