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The following patch notes are subject to change, this document should be regarded as a living document to be edited and updated as the team sees fit until the release of the update


*Saltwater Field has been reworked and now contains content from Level 1-10

*Saltwater Field has gained a Level 10 Public Dungeon (Slime Queen's Den)

*Miner's Cove has been reworked and now contains content from Level 10-20

*Miner's Cove has gained a Level 20 Public Dungeon (Whelp Cove)

*Seabreeze Plains has been reworked and renamed to Seabreeze Ruins

*Seabreeze Ruins contains content from Level 20-30

*The Underpass and the zones north of it have been temporarily closed off.

*New mob types added to every map

*All mobs have their own unique spells and mechanics

*Chapter I of the MSQ has been slightly reworked to match the new map reworks.

*Chapter II, III, and IV of the MSQ are now available.

*Limited Time Event Dungeon (Hallow's Eve) with unique rewards

*Mini Game System has been completed, once we train some mods to be event 
admins, they can host different mini games for the playerbase, with the winners
recieving Event Coins to be spent in the Event Tent for fun cosmetic prizes.
(Current Mini Games: Chance, Free-For-All, Sumo)

*New Weapons have been added

*Over 30 side quests from levels 1-30 have been added

*The Colloseum has been added

*Treasure Hunter Guild added

*Treasure Hunter Rank added

*Treasure Hunter puzzles added throughout all zones

*Ronin class added (will be temporarily unavailable)

*Monk class added (will be temporarily unavailable)


*Left click targeting has been improved massively, its no longer a hassle to target
a moving player or NPC

*Npcs will now reset upon leaving a threshold of their spawn area, this means that if you
pull a mob too far from it's spawn it will reset to full hp and mana, lose aggro, and leave back to
it's spawn point.

*The Nation Panel has been slightly improved

*Players can now no longer glitch through their attack animation allowing for sliding attacks
players will now stop moving for the duration of their weapon attack. (scales with attack speed)

*8 Player parties are now properly supported

*New trackers for the following stats:
-total mobs slain
-total bosses slain
-total Treasure Hunter chests found
-total trees cut
-total ore mined
-total fish caught

*Abilities can now deal % max health/mana damage as physical, magic, and true

*New desync forgiveness feature will protect our EU players or high ping 
players from lost packets and in game desync.

*Server tick rates increased

*Improved speedhacking protection (this will reduce or remove the screen stutter that was caused
by our previous overzealous speedhacking protection)

*Improved Hitboxes and less "ghost" hits


*Players no longer crash from Alt-Tabbing out of the game with discord overlay active

*Critical Rate has finally been properly adjusted

*Gear now grants the appropriate bonuses

*Mobs will no longer permanently aggro a player

*Logging off in combat and dying during the timer now properly assigns you a death

*Dashing during a ping spike no longer crashes your client

*Fixed a plethora of launch crashes, some players who were previously unable to play the game
should now be able to login

*Adjusted levels in BGM and SE to make them less intense

*To be continued

---Patch Notes 1.1---

*Chapter 1 of the MSQ released.
*Goblin Mine completed with a new boss and drops!
*New higher tier fishing spots
*New quests have been added
*Class trainers are completed and you can now change class at level 15

*Fish now properly respawn
*Resource values adjusted
*You can no longer walk around The Underpass
*Naiiad charms are no longer consumed if you choose not to change classes
*You can no longer get stuck in Miner's Cove
*The Acolyte and Soldier buttons on character creation now work correctly
*You no longer get stuck on the door to the crafting hall in JR
*Sell prices have been adjusted
*Dropping an item on Saltwater field no longer send it into the abyss
*Sound files have been normalized
*You no longer regen while dead
*Fixed a bug causing targeted enemies to remain target after death
*Fixed a bug causing jittering on cast
*Fixed a bug causing the server to lagspike when players cast Sand Swipe
*More I'm probably forgetting
*Daggers no longer hit twice against targeted enemies

*Dagger Values have been adjusted
*The drop rate of Mana Tears from The Treant have been increased 1% > 3.5%

*Cross Slash now hits twice as intended
*Pursuit stun duration reduced 2s > 0.8s
*Throat Stab now deals True Damage as intended

*Acolyte mana values have been adjusted
*Mana Bolt no longer triggers it's damage against resources
*Arcane Impact can no longer inflict Critical Hits
*Mana Lance scaling increased 15% > 30%

*Morale Boost regen increased from 6 > 14
*Whirlwind now applies a 0.5s Stun

*Geyser cooldown increased from 2.5s > 12s
*Shatter animation now applies correctly
*Current can no longer Critical Hit

--Quality of Life--
*Chat combat messages no longer flood the chatbox
*Picked up items now display a message on screen telling you the name
*Sound files have been normalized and are no longer silent and/or ear piercing
*Added more quest markers throughout the map to make quest steps easier to understand
*Updater optimized for lower end PC's
*You can now scroll text windows with your mouse

Hello! Leafling Online will be free to download on here July 15th! Be sure to join us in the fun and be one of the first Explorers on Artemia!