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A horror game for the original Gameboy! · By -IZMA-

Praise, Bugs, and a Question about the 37th

A topic by oxygen50 created Jul 16, 2020 Views: 345 Replies: 2
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Why this game is great

-The map is a perfect size and every screen feels well-designed!

-The music is fantastic

-This whole game feels like a tiny puzzle and I love it

-Thanks to save states and acceleration modes in emulation apps, replaying this game to find different endings feels manageable

[spoilers ahead]

A few bugs, none of these are game-breaking and I totally understand if they don't feel important enough to fix:

-If you start walking down the church stairs for the first time then chicken out and leave, (because you want to save before triggering anything gamestate-changing) your character is locked at a slow walk until you return and finish entering the basement area.

-"pedastal" should be "pedestal" (for the man who is searching for the blank book on the third day) (and maybe the pedestals themselves? I don't remember)

-If you [] the drink-maker and [] the barista or her assistant in front of the other on the third day, an explanation point will appear over an absent sprite on the right side of the cafe.

Some Comical observations

-If you don't pick up the blank book, the librarian and the cultist will still both try their very hardest to find the book lying open and in plain sight one room over

-if the prisoner escapes and takes his first skin, the main character's sleep that evening is unaffected (is there an ending tied to this event? I wasn't able to find any other events triggered by the prisoner)


Are there actually 37 skins in the game? Like another forum poster, I too found myself with one skin to go and no one left in town except for the cultist guarding the hole. I thought I might be the final skin so I tried all the death routes and nothing happened... somewhat comically, two sprites find your drowned sprite, and I'd love to know where they live when they aren't acting as terrible lifeguards

You are the 37th skin.

Okay, thanks for getting back to me on this -- I wasn't able to find any events triggered by acquiring all skins, should I go back and look harder?